TEK: Region Type I – Capital Cities

Hello friends!!

As always, I must start of by saying welcome to all our new backers. We are a fun and active group and we encourage feedback and involvement. =)

Tonight I want to reveal one of the new Region types.

Region Type I – Capital Cities


Capital Cities introduce a new and exciting way to interact with Territory Cards! In line with the wonderfully simplistic rules of Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Capital Cities are easy to understand and easy to incorporate into your games.

Rules for using Capital Cities:

• A Capital City Region is worth 2VP to the player who occupies it at the end of the game. If cohabited, both players receive 1VP.

• A Capital City Region does not provide a resource when gathering resources.

and there ya have it! Simple and sweet! Now try it in your PnPs and watch what it does to your games! Enjoy!!

More info on Region Type II will be revealed soon.

All Us Geeks Interview!

One last thing before I shove off. I had a chance to chat with Jeff King of the All Us Geeks Podcast. We discussed Tiny Epic Kingdoms, the power of BoardGameGeek.com and even my dabble in Hollywood! It’s a fun interview and if you have some time, check it out!


Backing the Backers (key comments)

For those of you who don’t know what Backing the Backers is, it is where I grab a comment or two or three and share my thoughts on it here in the updates.

1st – Fumbles: “…If we can get 2 more war dice (having the 4 total match the 4 player piece colors) to replace the not useful D6’s out of the deluxe would be neat…”

I suppose I could do that… but how many people would want that? I love me some swag and that’s why I created those to begin with but if backers would rather have 2 extra D12s in the Deluxe Pack I can arrange that. So, please provide some feedback on that my fellow backers and friends.

2nd – Terry Bailey Sr: “…My concern is this. You are making a game small enough to fit in a pocket. However, for a game to fit in a pocket it needs to be very strong. Cardboard will not do. A plastic or metal box would be better. Something that won’t get destroyed by other things in your pocket.”

Terry you are right if we were talking about the cardboard used for MOST games out there. However, TEK has received a MAJOR upgrade in the box durability already in the 1st Material Upgrade SG. This upgraded the cardboard to 2mm instead of the normal 1mm. The difference is astonishing! If you own Dungeon Heroes you’d know what I’m talking about. It is VERY strong and will hold up great in your pocket. TEK is going to come in a lidded box, not a tuckbox and not a tin. You’re all going to love it! Trust me, you will be proud to own it!

Here’s a picture of the difference:


2mm on the left and 1mm on the right

Well that will do it for tonight! I’m interested to hear some feedback on the dice. Talk to you all soon!

Best regards,


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