Talent Management – Benchmarks, trends, and best practices

O’Leonard, Karen (2010). Talent Management – Benchmarks, trends, and best practices, Bersin & Associates, 32p.

HR acts as the steward or facilitator of the talent strategy

  • Ensures structures and resources are in place
  • Implements tools, processes & systems

Business leaders and managers must own talent management

  • Adopt talent management processes
  • Accept responsibility for results

Most companies have multiple, disconnected talent systems.

Companies with automated talent systems are better at:

  • Developing leaders
  • Developing employees
  • Planning future talent needs
  • Building a pipeline of ready successors

System integration

  • Companies with well-integrated systems are more effective in nearly every talent area.
  • Companies using poorly integrated or disconnected systems are no more effective (and, in some areas, less effective) than companies using manual processes.
  • An integrated system architecture is an enabler of effective talent management
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