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Rediscovering performance management: systems, learning and integration

Brudan, A.(2010). Rediscovering performance management: systems, learning and integration, Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 109-123. Sources of tension in the field: The fragmented body of knowledge of performance management as a discipline Tension between the command and control

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Best practices in talent management

Best practices in talent management, Special advertising supplement to Workforce MANAGEMENT, 14 December 2009 and 6 June 2011. Does Your Global Performance Management System Perform Where it Counts? (Workday, 2009) In order to maximize global productivity, a company should consider

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Managine the Ten Commandments

Hillis, Laurie (200?) Managing the Ten Commandments. Banff Leadership Center, 3p. The failure of PM systems may hinge on: A lack of support from top management; A culture that doesn’t support people development; An inherent “Theory X” approach to the

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Ratee preferences concerning performance management and appraisal

GOSSELIN, A., WERNER, J.M. & HALLÉ, N. (1997). Ratee preferences concerning performance management and appraisal. Human Resource Development Quartely, vol. 8, numéro 4, p. 315-333. Ratee preferred: Having prior knowledge of manager’s expectations Receiving ongoing informal feedback throughout the appraisal

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Reward Practices and Performance Management System Effectiveness

LAWLER III, Edward E. «Reward Practices and Performance Management System Effectiveness», Organizational DynamicsI, 2003, vol. 32, numéro 4, p. 396-404. Meyer, Kay and French (1965) argue that when rewards are tied to performance discussions, individuals tend to hear only the

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Assessing Performance Management Programs and Policies

SILVERMAN, Stanley B. et MULLER, Wendy M. «Assessing Performance Management Programs and Policies», Performance Management: Putting Research into Action, Jossey-Bass Editors, États-Unis, 2009, chapitre 15, p. 527-554. Often, the PMS consists of only an annual performance evaluation that is used

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