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Best practices in servant leadership

Wong, Paul T. P. and Davey, Dean (2007). Best practices in servant leadership. Servant Leadership Roundtable, Regent University – School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship The nature of both work and the workplace has changed drastically (Billett, 2006). The focus

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Managing tomorrow’s people

PwC (2007). Managing tomorrow’s people. 36 p. The Blue World Big company capitalism rules as organisations continue to grow bigger and individual preferences trump beliefs about social responsibility. This strategy has led to an increase in staff retention rates as

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Looking before you leap: Assessing the jump to teams in knowledge-based work

Cross, R. (2000). Looking before you leap: assessing the jump to teams in knowledge-based work. Business Horizons, 43 (5), 29-36. Knowledge is becoming more and more central to wealth, effective management practices can yield success more rapidly than at any

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