Réseau DO platform

Réseau DO platform

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The Réseau de développement organisationnel (Réseau DO, reseaudo.ca) is a professional organization launched by a group of students and professionals working in the field of organizational development.

The project started incubation in summer 2011, to be formally launched on February 7th 2012.

I joined the group in September 2011 as an expert communications and marketing. I took charge of all communication tools for the Réseau DO, from the creation of their online platform, to social media presence, newsletters and knowledge sharing strategies.

Taking part in many committees, I took charge of creating the online platform and made sure our communication tools were always up to date.



The online platform was created with a few specific goals in mind for all individuals interested in OD:

  • network and discuss with their peers
  • read curated articles, community-edited, on different OD topics
  • be kept abreat of events and recent publications in the field of OD


The ease of use was central to all our planning. Ease of access to social media and multiple sources of information is a key challenge to creating a sharing network of a professional, niche, subject like OD. Especially if you consider that those who are interested in it are generally educated professionals with very little free time.

The multiplicity of information sources means that none of use is as aware of what is currently happening as all of us. Only together can we keep up to date on every development in our field of expertise.

The field’s visibility in the larger world of business administration is still somewhat lacking, Réseau DO and its online platform were to be tools to broadcast and shine light on this profession which is too often relegated to a sub-discipline of human resources. This goal duality meant it had to be impactful at first glance, while still having the depth to keep professionals interested in learning more through our services.


From the clean user interface to the care of having a highly adapted mobile version and always ensuring our communications were easy to read, I made sure that our platform would be accessible to anyone interested in OD wherever they may be.

The layout was made to be contrasting, while making finding what you’re looking for easy.

A well thought out mobile version allows professional to keep in contact even when they’re away from their desks.

From a technical standpoint, the online platform runs on WordPress+BuddyPress integrating many plug-ins that were modified or created in whole to fit the needs we were facing.

I took charge of the whole project, from making the final decisions regarding the technical, design, and copy writing standpoint to the general project management and coordination of stakeholders.

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