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Social media presence

I took charge of all social media accounts for the Réseau DO from its launch until I left, including the twitter account (@ReseauDO) which I grew to have 300+ professionals as followers. I made sure to keep up to date with organizational development articles and events to share with our followers.


Réseau DO publishes professional and scientific articles written by its members. A team of editors always made sure that the form and content of each article was up to our standards and would be useful to our readers.

As editor-in-chief, I oversaw the process through managing other editors’ input and always making sure all aspects of an article was considered, while keeping communication open with the author to not only improve his article, but his writing skills.

Graphic design

Our publishing guidelines included an attractive, memorable banner for each article that was to be published on the site. Banners were jointly picked between authors and myself from publicly available material, or created, by me, when something generic just wouldn’t do the article justice. Here are a few of those I’ve created.

Team building process

La démarche pour avoir une équipe consolidée, by Maude Laliberté, needed to illustrate how working in parallel can augment each participant’s impact on performance.

Animating a force field

For Animer un champ de force, by Maude Laliberté, I took inspiration from the model itself to create a banner that plays with the opposing forces concept.

Stages of communities of practice

For Les stades d’une communauté de pratique, by Valérie-Reine Marcil, I’ve created a word cloud of keywords of the article. Communities of practices are a complex organism which is explained through so many keywords depending on the author that I felt the banner should show the range of the theories behind it.

Excellence domains

For Le domaine d’excellence, a collaboration between Maude Laliberté et Guillaume Leclerc, the theory says that our specific individual talents make each of us a superhero in our specific field. We went with a playful interpretation of the theory to illustrate it.

The torch bearer

For Le porteur de flambeau, by Maude Laliberté, I went with a very clear, and obvious, visual.

Integrating coaching in the organizational culture

For Intégrer le coaching dans la culture organisationnelle, by Maude Laliberté, Stéphanie Bonaventure, and Valérie-Reine Marcil, a recap of the ICF event, we wanted to illustrate the importance of coaching to skill and performance growth in an organization. Which is an abstract relation between cause and effect that some may claim is a bit magical, for good or ill.

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