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  • April 19 2012

Your team most certainly is composed of excellent “excellences”. Each member of your team has his own super power which contributes to the team working well and reaching their goals. And you probably aren’t even aware that these “excellences” exist. At least, that’s the theory of the “excellence domain” created by Joël Guillon (www.mo2i-institute.com).

Facing a new way to frame a specific concept, we must take a few minutes to let it sink in and to understand it better. It’s reach is unlimited, it can be applied just as well to individuals, teams or organizations. It will find in each distinctive strengths which, when applied, will make them soar.

After attending Le parcours vers mon excellence, last February, I was left with the belief that we all have, within us, the capacity to do something that goes beyond the ordinary. Each of us has a field where we excel. According to Guillon, we are all super heroes. We each have a power that is more developed than it is in others, our “excellence”. Built upon passion, motivation and abilities, this power will allow our ideas, projects or interventions to happen more quickly, easily and naturally.

How can we find this “excellence” that is hidden within us and every members of our team? We have to take the time to reflect and to do some introspection.

What can I do that others can’t do better, or as well, as I can?

If we think of Picasso, Einstein, Michael Jackson or even Alexandre Despaties, we can all agree of what their respective “excelllences” are. You, as the manager, leader or member of a team, must also feel that this question is pertinent to you, even if the answer is a bit harder to clarify.

Following Guillon’s theory, our “excellence” rests within a power zone that we are rarely aware of. Ask your peers and those close to you, they are more likely to have noticed what really makes you special. Your own personal excellence is easier to see by someone who doesn’t share it, they can admire it more easily.

Once aware of your “excellence”, you can identify it more easily when it manifests and you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Accept your “excellence” wholly, it will come more naturally to you once you know of it. Paradoxically, we are often humble about our own “excellence”, we think that since it comes so easy to us, it must be so for others. We don’t usually think it’s something special at first glance.

At the organizational level, how can you let the “excellences” of your team members shine through? It’s another lens to look through when you are tasked by the powers that be to develop a strong team, one that’s engaged, proactive and creative.

What is your excellence ?


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