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Innovation and ‘Nudge’ Economics – New Policy Frontiers

Nudge Behavioural economics integrate psychology and sociology into economics. It is based on empirical research rather than casual observation about human behaviour. People frequently make poor decisions in situations that involve: complicated calculations risk and uncertainty tradeoffs between present and

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2014 Accessibility Summit

Opening plenary Possibility needs intention and action to become probability @richdonovannyc “Make no mistake, it’s about justice, that’s where the fire comes from. ” A business case is rational, but you need the drive It takes its power when it

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Best practices in servant leadership

Wong, Paul T. P. and Davey, Dean (2007). Best practices in servant leadership. Servant Leadership Roundtable, Regent University – School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship The nature of both work and the workplace has changed drastically (Billett, 2006). The focus

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Servant leadership: An Opponent-Process Model and the Revised Servant Leadership Profile

Wong, Paul T. P. and Don Page (2003). Servant leadership: An Opponent-Process Model and the Revised Servant Leadership Profile. Servant Leadership Roundtable – October, 2003. Most of the companies at the top of Fortune Magazine’s best companies to work for in America have adopted some aspects

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